15 Ways to Easily Reduce Small Business Energy Bills!
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Finding ways to reduce expenses is an effective way to boost a company’s income. One of the causes of headache of most business people is the rising business energy cost. Here are some solutions to that dilemma.

1.) Set energy efficient rules in the office.

Setting friendly rules in the office will help you and your employees become more conscious about their actions that affect energy consumption.

2.) Use energy-efficient light bulbs.

Replacing your old light bulbs with energy efficient ones will tremendously decrease your energy expenses.

3.) Rely on natural lighting.

Natural lighting is undoubtedly the best way to reduce business energy costs. Maximize the use of sunlight by using green architectural design for your office.

4.) Use a programmable thermostat.

Having a thermostat that automatically turns off when not in use would save you a great deal of energy.

5.) Seek help from a utility company

It would be helpful to seek advice from a utility company on how you can reduce your energy expenses.

6.) Use energy-efficient products in your office

Try to monitor the kilowatt consumption of devices that you purchase for your office.

7.) Use motion detectors

Motion detectors will help you automatically turn off the lights in the room when they are not in use.

8.) Use laptops compared to desktop

Laptops use less energy compared to desktops.

9.) Install solar panels

Solar panels will save you a great deal in the long term despite the high initial investment.

10.) Set a time for educating your workers

Making time to raise awareness among your employees will not only help you reduce expenses but also promote teamwork.

11.) Plant trees and put more plants in your office

This will help make your place cooler, reducing the need for air-conditioners.

12.) Encourage telecommuting

Encouraging your workers to work at home will save you a great deal on electric consumption.

13.) Monitor your electric consumption

Monitoring your electric consumption will help you make strategies on how you can reduce business energy expenses.

14.) Make sure that all devices/appliances are plugged off when not in use.

Plugged devices consume electricity. Plug them out to reduce energy consumption.

15.) Reduce printing

Print only when necessary. It is better to share files through shared drive.

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